There are many apps existing in the online market for creating invoices, time tracking and managing projects efficiently. Some of them claim their apps are best in the industry and fulfill all needs of user, but not all users get satisfied with these apps and continue their search for best app, which is easy, fast and reliable enough to use. I’ve used a lot of such apps and based on my experience I’m listing the best apps among others.



Paymo time tracking tool is an amazing tool to track time and creating elegant invoices. Don’t go on its name because it is a full project management tool which manages your project more efficiently and quickly. Add any project and start working on your project and it tracks time spend on your project automatically in just one click. You can stop /start timer any time to get accurate time sheet. This tops in my list because I’m using it and it is amazingly simple and fast.



It is an online invoicing tool having all features to manage project efficiently. Although its interface is not much appealing like some other similar web 2.0 apps, but still it is a great tool, which is offering a lot of tools and freedom to manage project efficiently without spending much time on it. Its snail mail feature is awesome which make it unique from others.



The best thing about toggle is that it is simple and has user-friendly interface which saves a lot of time by letting you start tracking time by just one click. It works both off line and online so that you can focus on your work instead of worrying about internet. It generates clean and elegant web 2.0 time sheets and time tracking reports, which is amazing.



Invotrak is a full-featured online invoicing and time sheet tracking application that can save your time and money. It’s also includes many of the features you need to speed up your billing tasks. It keeps track of what you’re owed. Invotrak can automatically notify your clients if an invoice is upcoming, and alert you when it’s overdue. It also has apps for iPad and iPhone so that you can work from anywhere.



Klok is a great small application that allows you to better manage your time by providing a quick and easy method of personal time tracking. It works via the Adobe Air programming language. While you work on your project, it tracks your time generates useful reports so that you can know how much actually you worked on any project. Klok shows your time entries as blocks that fill up your days very much like your calendaring application works, which is makes it simple and better.



Freckle is an excellent time tracking tool equipped with several amazing features, which makes it unique. Cheerful colors, charming icons, and a clean, bright layout can lift your spirits and make its interface awesome. You will get wowed after seeing its clean interface with vibrant colors. One most interesting feature of Freckle is Pulse which tracks your time and tells you more details about your project. Freckle is designed for freelancers, contractors, and small teams, with plans for 1 to 50 people.

Rescue Time


This is another great application to track your time and generate authentic reports about your working hours. It not only tracks your working time but also track your browsing habits to generate a clear overview of your working habits to improve your productivity. You can’t make invoices here, but can get accurate your time spend on various activities online and offline both which helps in improving your efficiency and productivity.



Tick is a simple and friendly time tracking application which helps you achieve your goal efficiently without wasting your time while analyzing complex analysis data like graphs, charts and unnecessary details. You won’t find complex charts of theoretical data here, just simple straightforward feedback on where you stand. Tick gives the right people, the right date, at the right time…problem solved.



1DayLater is an online time tracking tool equipped with truly creative and mind blowing user interface. These guys have done their job very creatively and amazingly which turned a simple tool into an innovation. At first glance you might surprise on it, but as you get used to it, you won’t see at any other tool. It lets you keep an exact record of your activities and will give you confidence in your business, invoices and productivity. Track your time, money and mileage, then use our reporting features to create invoices, mileage claims and visualize your activities. Whether you freelance or run your own small business, tracking your time, mileage and daily cash flow is super important.



It is another great time tracking tool, which is simple, elegant interface. It’s simple – You do something, you add time and you see how long it took. That’s it. Even if you’re timing lots of different stuff, or lots of different people, it works the same: Do it, time it, and see how long it took. You can track your time on mobile as well as also can print your time sheet. You get unlimited projects in free account.

There is much other time tracking tools I haven’t mentioned here because of their high cost and unappealing user interface. I’ve listed here the tools which are efficient as well as most of them are free for use except few. Most of them are also providing invoicing and basic project management service, which is most useful for freelancers and small companies. Have you used any better time tracking applications which I haven’t listed here? Which tool do you use? Let me know by adding comment below.

19 Thoughts to “10 Best Time Tracking Apps You Should Not Miss!”

  1. Hi,

    I would also like to draw your attention to our recently re-released time and project tracking app Yanomo. Our approach is slightly different than most in that we have introduced “Team-sourcing” (crowd-sourcing within your team). This has shown to result in very accurate estimations in how much work is left on a project/phase/task. So not only can you quickly track your hours from your personal calendar, you’ll also have a real-time overview of how your whole team thinks your projects are progressing.

    We’d love to know what the community thinks so we can keep improving our app.

    Looking forward to your comments.
    Kind regards,
    Joost Schouten

    1. Hi Joost Schouten,

      I just checked your product and created an account to use your application for review. At first look it’s a nice time tracking and project management tool and after trying I will write a review for it.

      Thanks for letting me know such a great tool.

  2. Thanks for the kind 1DayLater mention – much appreciated. I hope you’re enjoying using our service! We are really looking forward to unveiling some of our new features over the coming months.
    Cheers again,
    Managing Director

  3. Paul,
    Welcome Paul, I’ve used 1DayLater and it’s a nice tool but a bit of complex. I’ve faced some minor difficulty in curve visualization which didn’t updated frequently. Can you please check this out?

    Welcome Manish and thanks for reading my blog. I’ll test Invoicera soon and add my comments because I’ve got many good news about Invoicera. Till then have a nice time.

    Wow, you guys have created a great tool. I’ve used it to test and may start using it officially as my research completes. Thanks for introducing such a great tool to us.

    Thanks Reetha for suggesting this valuable time tracking app. I’ll soon check it out and will let you know about my experiences.

    1. You are most welcome Rilwis, yeh I agree because I’m too using Paymo and also used Freshbook in past but later I started using invoice bubble because it’s free and no restrictions for no. of clients and invoices are there plus I can upload my own logo in it.

  4. I also uses time tracker recommended by Chris (http://onepageonly.net) and I have to admit I fell in love with it at the very first view!
    I just click on start/ stop and it does the rest. I may enjoy my work, not worrying about any time issues (and billing, which I don’t fancy at all).

  5. Good blog list and I already use one of this time tracking apps and it is RescueTime. It really helps me to organize my work priorities in my daily routine. It also helps me on how to spend time efficiently with less effort and more work has been done. In addition to those tools mentioned above, ( http://www.timedoctor.com/blog/2010/07/25/how-is-time-doctor-different-than-rescue-time ) this article also discuss comparative reports on time tracking applications.

  6. Downloaded PayMo after your excellent review. Deleted it again after 15 mins of trying to set up an account. To hard! Why do I need a domain name (not explained even after the rejection of my early 20+ attempts)? Also kept getting the field cleared after every attempt – fantastic – I love re-entering my password (twice) 21 times (=42 times) – NOT. Thus is just dumb guys. Needs to be simpler – I am too busy for this.

    1. Hi Mark, there may be some issue but I haven’t had any problem while installing it. When you sign up they provide you a customized sign in page with customized domain name which you can change like “xyz.paymo.biz”. Of course gives some errors when pc restart and we want to log in but it repeats it hardly 3 times that is you just need to press ENTER thrice and it starts. You may have some fireball or antivirus setting issue. Can you let me know your problem in detail?

  7. Hi there.
    Just come across your blog and it’s great. I do have a question. I am trying to find a time tracking system so that I can track all of my teams work. Some staff will work on the same client so I am after a system where I can run a report that will show which staff have worked on a client. I need to be able to run a report that shows how much work is done on a client file

    I also want to be able to run a weekly time sheet for each staff member. Do you know of a time tracking sheet that has these functions.

    Cheers Nat

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