5 Common Misconceptions about logo design in general

Logo is the most important brand element of any organization. It represents the company and communicates the message to the targeted group. A good representation can change everything for the organization.

There are many organizations, which are good at strategic part, but losing their presence due to their bad representation. Their strategies speak something else and graphical representation says something else, which in the long-term affects their brand image. The image that takes years to build can be diminishing in few moments.

There are some misconceptions about logo design and here they are:

Logo design comes cheap

A common misconception about the logo design is it costs nothing but few bucks. It doesn’t need any brainstorming sessions or thinking process. It only needs one related element and name that’s all. You can design a beautiful and communicating logo, but logo designing is a time-consuming and attention needy process which involves an effective logo design process that is organized into various steps.
Logo design is a step-by-step process of designing an identity that can depict values of an organization. It starts with primary research, analysis of brand propositions, sketching and designing. Every designer takes intensive care in every step while designing identity for any brand. It takes a lot of time and efforts to create a logo and hence it may take from few weeks to several months to develop a solid, well researched logo. For some people it will sound expensive, but if you see the other side you will know it’s always cheap to invest in the future.

Even I can create it in five minutes!

There are many guys who think that they can create a logo with just few bucks and a little effort, but that’s not true. A designer charges for his ideas, expertise and efforts to make logo a communicating medium that can convey your values to the millions of people. It takes a lot of time and efforts to create a good logo because a logo designer evaluates an idea to develop a logo. It’s not about time and money, but it’s about creating brand image. A bad brand identity or logo doesn’t cost much, but it costs much by harming brand image and credibility of the organization.

Logo should always tell about your business

The first rule of designing logo is that it should reflect nature of your business. In some of the cases it’s not necessary because sometimes you are representing an organization as a whole not as a single identity. So in that case your logo must speak about brand values. Being a tyre company doesn’t mean it must have tyres in their logo. For an example if we talk about the AMARON batteries logo, it’s well simplified and conveys message in subtle manner through simple representation. It’s not necessary to show the batteries here because primary objective here is to develop a positive image of the company among customers and establish a brand of company which will increase the presence of the organization.

It’s a waste of money; I can invest that money for other purpose

A good logo represents an organization’s vision & values and can create a positive impact on the minds of the potential and actual customers. It also generates trust by delivering great insights about the brand to the target group. You as a whole sole of the organization invest time and money to write definitions of success for your organization. A good identity can help you by creating a frame of image in the minds of target group. Remember it will not increase your profit by generating sales or by putting your brand in the first league, but it will only help you standout in the cluttered market. It will definitively guard your sales efforts and fetch some profitable deals for your organization.

Any logo would work

Some people will say what the need of a logo is? We believe in the hard work and the quality of our products. They are carrying an identity because they just want to show it on visiting card and other communication mediums. But it’s not just a single element or something that you are showing for fashion or trend. It reflects the personality of the organization just like words reflects the character of a person. Same idea is applicable for logo; it creates impression for the organization.

These are some of the misconceptions amongst the people, which I’ve discussed here. If you feel you can add more in the list or if you have any questions or suggestions, then let me know by your comments below.

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