12 Best Websites to Submit Photoshop Tutorials and Get Paid

12 Best Websites to Submit Photoshop Tutorials and Get Paid

A designer has many ways to earn but if you are looking for ways to make good amount of money quickly and you are skilled with designing then you can write for sites that pay you for your tutorials. You can make easy money ranging from $50-$300 just from a single article. I myself have submitted tutorials and articles and get paid through PayPal which is their preferred way of making payment.

By writing tutorials & articles, you not only earn money but you also get a link back to your website/blog that diverts important web traffic to your website which can help you to get more clients. Do remember that after submitting tutorial and once tutorial get published in a website then it becomes that website’s property and then you cannot publish that complete tutorial in any website including your website too. However you can take few steps to generate your reader’s interest and then link back to the tutorial website for complete tutorial.

Here I am listing top websites for submitting Photoshop tutorials.

Photoshop Tutorials ($150-$300) is a popular website for tutorials related to Photoshop and design. You can write for them and you will be paid $150 to $300 for each of your accepted tutorial.

Link: Write for Photoshop Tutorials

Psdtuts+ ($150)

If you have the skill to write an excellent tutorial to produce a unique and impressive effect/design/graphic, then you can write for psdtuts+ and they will pay you $150 per accepted tutorial.

Link: Write for Psdtuts+

Tutorial Board ($150)

You can write for Tutorial Board if you are skilled with Photoshop, Adobe After Effect, Autodesk Maya or any industry standard CG software. They will pay you $150 per accepted tutorial.

Link: Write for Tutorial Board

Site-Point ($100 + Bonus)

Sitepoint is a popular place for web professionals. It is popular for its books and articles. When your article is accepted on sitepoint, you get $100 +Bonus according to the page views of your article. Bonus ranges from $50 to $250.

Link: Write for SitePoint

KingTutz ($50-$300)

If you have the skill to write an excellent tutorial then King Tutz will pay great rates in USD for each tutorial that is accepted ($50-$300).

Link: Write for KingTutz

Hv-Designs ($100)

If you have the ability to write excellent tutorials or Photoshop related round-ups then you can write for hvdesigns and get $100 USD or loads of hv-designs goodies free of charge along with some free advertising for your own website.

Link: Write for hv-designs

SpyreStudios ($50-$160)

SpyreStudios is a design blog with a focus on typography, design trends, inspiration, CSS, HTML, Word Press, jQuery, minimalism and blogging. If you are a talented designer who enjoys writing and blogging then you can write for SpyreStudios and get between $50 – $160, for each accepted article.

Link: Write for SpyreStudios

Pxleys (Upto $200)

If you think you have the talent to write your own unique tutorials, then this is your chance! Writing a tutorial for Pxleyes can earn you up to $200 per tutorial and will give a lot of name exposure for you or your website!

Link: Write for Pxleys

Tut Toaster ($50-$200)

Tuttoaster pays you $50 to $200 for every accepted article. The article may include tutorials, freebies and roundups.

Link: Write for Tuttoaster

Psdeluxe ($50)

Psdeluxe is looking for talented designers. If you are skilled with Adobe Photoshop then you can show your talent here and you will get paid $50 for each accepted article.

Link: Write for Psdeluxe

PSD Rockstar ($50)

Writing tutorials can be quite a challenge, and is always on the lookout for talented photo shoppers to teach the community great techniques and tips. In return for your hard work writing a great tutorial, they will pay you up to $50 USD via PayPal.

Link: Write for PSD Rockstar

PSD FanExtra

Are you a talented writer or designer? Psd-FanExtra always on the looks out for quality authors and they pay great money for any articles or tutorials accepted!

Link: Write for PSD FanExtra

Did I missed anything? Do you know another website who pay for photoshop tutorials then let me know by commenting below.

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