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Relative Creativity

After several months research & efforts, we are finally launching a new blog dedicated to discussing ideas related to creativity, design, advertisement. The question arises why need for another blog when there are several similar types blogs already exists? The answer is after analyzing various blogs of similar types we found that there are several interesting topics missed in those blogs because of their specific interest and strategy. A user has to just visit from one blog to another to read the specific topic of his interest.

This blog has been introduced with a vision to develop a large collection of articles, freebies and topics that fits in the widest definition of creativity.

The term “creativity” has very wide meaning and there are a large number of categories, sections and topics that need to be placed in a single place so that a visitor need not to go anywhere. The visitor can get all information in a single place with detailed resources like tutorials, freebies, articles, etc.

I hope you will enjoy this new launch and will appreciate it.

Visit the blog.

  1. September 25, 2013 by Muhlis M. Asri Reply

    i like your personal blog design

  2. September 25, 2013 by Muhlis M. Asri Reply

    why not put your article to this blog rather than make a new blog?

    • September 25, 2013 by Narendra Keshkar Reply

      Well I created two separate blogs for specific reasons. This blog features only selected articles based on creativity, design and several topics related with my field but there was a need I felt to specifically discussing the various topics related with design, inspiration and creativity. There are a lot of topics that I want to discuss in a blog dedicated to design industry.

      In you may see many articles related with design but only few of them may be added in this blog based on their content and purpose.

      Due to extremely tight work schedule I am unable to updated both blogs frequently but I am struggling to update as soon and as frequent I can in future. By the way thanks for coming to this blog and appreciating my work.

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