Brainstorming is a fundamental, but the most important process which affects the overall quality of the campaign. Almost each campaign has brainstorming session and various brainstorming methodologies have been adopted for best and effective results. However not each campaign become successful and not all brainstorming process prove themselves effective. Sometimes a solid advertising campaign with huge potential to influence its target audience becomes disaster just because of ineffective brainstorming. In this post I am showing “7 Effective Brainstorming Tips to Make Your Advertising Campaign Rock” that can make your brainstorming process perfect.


Research thoroughly before going for brainstorming, research about the company, product, brand, history, market, audiences, expected growth, company strength, market position, etc. Ask questions to yourself and your team about project that what they feel? How you can make it successful? How your idea is going to work? What are the pros and cons of a specific idea? How your result is going to solve the problem? What is the target market? Market trend and much more. Ask questions as much you can and then try to find out the answer of those questions. This is the heart of research that makes it perfect. Thorough research affects the whole process and ensures the quality in the end result.

Take Inspiration

After having thorough research, it’s necessary to take inspiration from various sources. Take inspiration from previous campaigns, websites, design galleries, exhibitions, etc. This initiates the flow of ideas and creative juice starts flowing freely. Several times you get a brilliant idea when you see something related to your project so keep looking.


When ideas start bouncing, it is necessary to take them on paper before they disappear from our memory. Sketch all ideas no matter how illogical, abnormal or absurd those ideas are, just keep them on paper. It’s been noticed that most brilliant ideas seem ridiculous at their initial stage, hence don’t throw any idea and sketch all of them.

Change Perspective

After having a lot of rough ideas on paper, start analyzing each idea on various perspectives, standards, guidelines, etc. See an idea from all dimensions & directions. See it from different perspectives to gather more information about the idea.

Make Experiments

After selecting the best ideas do the experiments with it. Change color, style, position, alignment, size, etc. Experiment with typeface, symbol, graphics, dimensions, etc., to see all possible face with an idea. This approach lets you to explore maximum ideas related to your concept and sometimes sparks a new idea that is brilliant than the idea you were using initially. It also makes sure that you do not miss any important idea that could make the project more effective.

Role Playing

Think of the others view; try to analyze their reaction to the idea. Start role playing to develop your idea, think from clients, colleagues, friends and other professional’s point of view to enhance your idea. This helps a lot where you see an idea with a different perspective. Switch the roles between your teammates so that you can think of their view as this gives a complete picture of an idea that helps to develop and decide how to make it work.

Take a Break

When you develop your idea, take a break, work on other projects, and let those ideas mature. After a few days, come back to your idea and analyze your ideas for any change to make the idea more effectively. When you get satisfied, present it to the client.

However each step is important for a great result but briefing is the vital part of any project. Inappropriate briefing or incomplete brief equally harms the project like no briefing. So always make sure to have a thorough briefing session with a client. Ask various questions, take meetings and submit your questionnaire to clients to ensure you have all information related to projects. A solid brainstorming process leads to a great result that actually solves the purpose of it. Do you have any other tip important for brainstorming? Did I miss any point that was important to discuss? Let me know your views and if you liked this article then do not forget to share it.

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